Hive Studios Resin bases review

  • Tea Boy

Today we have a Review of the Resin Bases from Hive Studios.

I recently started a Space Wolf army and as it’s not going to be very big I decided that I would put all the characters on Resin bases to make them stand out a bit more. A big improvement over my own made cork board rocks creations. so i spent some time looking around and I found that the Hive Studios bases suited the urban rubble theme that I’m using. So I got my hands on 2 sets of 40mm bases which should cover all the HQ units that I’ll have.

Firstly I have the 40mm Ruined bases

and secondly is the 40mm Hive base set 1

The quality of the bases is amazing, with very fine detail with all edges and details looking sharp and crisp. Over the 10 bases I have there is not a single bubble hole or any miss cast parts, this is quite an achievement when you consider the iron work sticking up out of the ground. They are clearly made with open single piece moulds which can lead to lopsided and irregular shaped bottoms and the bottoms. With these they have been pre sanded so they're nice and flat. This means there are in fact no issues with wobbly or wonky bases, which I have had with resin bases in the past from other suppliers. Service was very quick, with my bases arrived the day after the order was placed.

Hive Studios is a one man band small studio creating only a few designs of bases at the moment, but I’m sure this will grow as popularity increases. Sales are through their HiveStudiosShop on Etsy, and the owner is a very nice guy who I ended up chatting to over the Hive studios facebook page.

All in all I’m really happy with the service, product quality and how much better they look than my home made efforts.
I’ve pre painted the ruined bases already, so they are ready for minis and snow to be added as and when the next Space Wolves are finished.

I'm so impressed with these that I may even get sets for the rest of my Wolf army, depending on how big it actually gets.

I’ll post more pics as the bases get used and once I have painted the Hive bases