Faith and Damnation - Charity Army

  • 360 Wargaming

Both myself and Dan were lucky enough to be invited to paint a squad for the recent Faith & Damnation charity army, this 2000 point army was then raffled off, raising over £1000 was raised for the charity CALM.

Some fantastic painters came together to paint a Genestealer Cults army (dirty Xenos) and my god did they do a fantastic job. All this was arranged by Zak Taylor & Dan Fisken and you can only imagine the level of planning that went in to organising getting models to and from painters.

This army is now fully complete even down to the custom bases, we're sure you'll agree how good they look all together.

If this wasn't enough for you they plan to do it all again in the future, in the mean time though head over to the group on Facebook

Why not take the time to follow some of the awesome painters that made this possible on Instagram. (I will add to this list as I'm given details)

FnD Studios

Dan Taylor

360 Wargaming