Custom Miniature Builder Review

  • 360 Wargaming

Way back in March we were given the chance to design some of our own miniatures thanks to

So off we began, creating 3 custom models to test the limits of the system. With over two trillion combinations of weapons, items and outfits to choose from as it say on the Anvl website it opened up a world of possibilities. 

The interface is pretty detailed, starting you out choosing your Race, there are currently 16 to choose from and at the same time you choose your Gender. Next you simply work your way through the build options in the same way you would if you were playing an RPG video game.

On the right hand side you have options for your pose/stance, the medium you want the finished product in, whether your miniature is mounted and on what, and finally the size you have the product in. The one downside I see to this you are limited to 2 sizes, 1x and 2x scale, we had ours printed in 1x and they appear to be 28mm true scale miniatures.. I suspect this won't be an issue if you go for the download option as you can scale up in your chosen slicer.

So we got on with designing our models. I wanted to try some random combinations so started with a tech/sci fi/pirate/assassin, I'm a huge can of the Assassins Creed games so wanted to try out a sci fi version. Next up another play on something I like, Vikings, with Fallout style body armour and twin axes. Finally something a little different, a kneeling/praying female in a long flowing dress, I'm not quite sure the inspiration but I do like the pose.


With my order placed all I had to do next was wait for the delivery, unfortunately thanks to some issues with postal services this took a lot longer than I would have liked. However after 2 months of waiting the models finally arrived.


Barring a little clean up due to printing supports the models are highly detailed prints.


For the most part I am very happy with these but there are some downsides. Unless you are printing these yourself there is no option to have them printed at a different scale, I was hoping to get more to fit in with a Warhammer 40k army but they are noticeably smaller.

Side by side with each other they are the same scale so if you are creating heroes, villains and monsters for your own game or even for use in D7D I would say they are perfect.


At $19.97 for a custom printed model you can't really go wrong, if you're printing yourself $4.97 isn't a bad price for an enemy you can mass produce or for your own hero. 

I'd like to see add the option to select scale and the option to leave a base off but those are my personal preferences and shouldn't stop you considering placing an order.