Try resetting your painting muscles by stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Reasonable Cheese

We all face those times. Staring at the mound of unpainted minis. Primed, bare, half started. The size of our piles of shame differs (you don't ask about mine, I won't ask about yours, deal?) But the brain crushing dread that we all feel when we face it is the same. Just finished a project and looking for what's next and it's there, looming like a giant, expensive, grey boogeyman!

Time to experiment. Time to get silly!!!

It was during one of these existential crises that one of my children offered a suggestion that would become the ultimate palette cleanser for me. Not for everyone mind you, but here me out...

As many of you will be adept, seasoned (or just old like me) you'll have painted minis from in vast array of scales and styles. Big chonky monsters, tiny fiddly snotlings, hulking warships and every little gribbly in between, what's to keep us from plying our brushy trade to things just outside our usual remit?

My child presented me with a random Postman Pat figure...WAIT….COME BACK….

Yes, Postman Pat. He thought it would look cool with better detailing on it, and looking like this…..

...I had to agree, it would be good for a laugh if nothing else.

Pat was summarily dismembered, glued, filled and based before priming, just as any other mini in my horde and there it was, a blank canvas with a sodding great nose just ready for painting and it was actually fun!

Now Pat wouldn't be my first choice, nor second through fiftieth really, but as a start to new hobby breaker it was a start followed soon after by a cheap plastic Ultron figure of Avengers infamy and that was just as liberating, giving me the ability to try new and different techniques and styles I usually wouldn't dip into in my usual board game mini painting escapades.

As I said, this is really not for everybody, but if you have access to cheap toys, old figures, statuettes or ANYTHING really, prime it and go wild. Stepping out of your comfort zone can refresh your poor painty brain and get you back in the groove to tackle the pile of shame refreshed and more adventurous.