LCA Adaptive Terrain Review

  • 360 Wargaming

Two weeks ago we had a visit from Darrell owner and lead designer at LaserCut Architect (LCA), he brought with him the latest prototypes for his upcoming Adaptive Terrain release, though I'm sure he just came for the coffee and McDonalds breakfast.

We mentioned above these are prototypes and are likely to change before final release, however the features will stay the same. As the name suggests the buildings, corridors & more you can build with these kits are adaptable. In one battle a kit can be used as a single story building and in the next it can be the upper floor of a bigger terrain piece. 


Having magnets in the sides allows for two, three or more 'rooms' to be linked together, letting you create a sprawling base most Bond villains would be proud of. LCA currently offer 3 ranges on their website Iron Industries, Iron Gulch and Dragonport all of these will still be compatible with the new Adaptive Terrain versions of those ranges and even better they will be cross compatible allowing you to create a building with a Fantasy themed ground floor and a heavily industrial upper floor.


The range is being designed to be used with LCA's own game system but don't let that stop you, these highly detailed kits will drop perfectly in to any current game system. They cover industrial terrain for your game of Necromunda or 40K, enclosed tunnels for your games of Space Hulk or their Dragonport range that will meet the needs of anyone wanting to play Age of Sigmar but wouldn't look out of place if used in your games of D&D.


We've covered how adaptable these kits can be but it doesn't end there, these kits feature a level of detail you don't often see on an MDF kit, the outer walls feature vents and extractor units, interiors range from computer consoles to prison cells with many other features in between. Whilst these kits are not yet on sale that shouldn't stop you from heading to the website I picking up some of what they do produce, the new kits are being produced with compatibility in mind meaning they won't look out of place along side the older designs, in fact since when has every building looked the same.


All in all we think these kits are worth the money and we're not sure what the final price will be yet. Stop by the LCA Facebook page to keep up to date on any news relating to them, we're sure you won't be disappointed in what you see.