ABC Brushes Tri-Grip Detailer brush review

  • Tea Boy

ABC Brushes Tri-Grip Detailer brush review


About 3 weeks ago I got my hands on 2 sets of new brushes from ABCbrushes, the Tri-Grip set that I have been using the last few weeks and their ProAtre series 60 brushes.

These are both Synthetic brush sets so I’m mainly comparing them to the current GW offering.


Now to start with these brushes are amazing value for money. When you pay around £5 per brush from GW to get 8 brushes for £11 inc. the UK postage seems insane. But it’s true the price really is £11 well £10.94 to be exact.

For you £11 you get 8 brushes, sizes 2, 1, 0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 10/0.

So you can see if these brushes are even half decent they are already great value for money 

These are the Tri-Grip brushes unused

Here are the Pro Arte brushes

The Pro Arte are a wider range of brushes with larger tips and flat tips for dry brushing. I'll no doubt use these soon and do a quick update post on these, btu they retail at £10 inc. UK postage so again value for money here is amazing. 

My brushes arrived with in 2 days of ordering so service was good and a fast delivery. Upon opening the packet the brushes came in I was immediately impressed with the weight and feel of the brushes, unlike the recent GW brushes I have used these Tri-Grip brushes have a more substantial feel to them, not heavy but a really nice solid feeling. Very well weighted in my hand. After a few sessions of painting for a couple of hours I didn’t get any sort of aches or pains in my hands which I have had in the past with other brands.


As I really like the feel of the tri-grip brushes so far I’ve not actually used any of the Pro Arte ones but I will let you know when I do.

My go to brushes from the set so far are the size 1 and 2 the tips are fins enough to take on little details and they hold enough paint in the belly to paint larger areas such as items of clothing.
Out of the packet the tips have a good snap back and a very fine tip.

The tips have held out well and are still perfect after 3 weeks of painting Gemstones on Aeldari vehicle and my Catachan clothing and skin tones. But as with all synthetics paint build up will become an issue over time. I am using a brush soap on them to help them stay sharp and in shape as long as I can, but this only works so well on synthetics, if anyone has any tips or advice for extending the life of Synthetic brushes, I’d be happy to hear it.


It's hard to get the focus on the tips but this is 3 weeks in and still perfect points

All in all, the brushes look great, feel great and so far have been working perfectly. I’m really happy with these and will be getting more as and when they are needed.


I can recommend these as a great alternative to GW’s offering. I’m sure lots of people prefer Sable brushes and they are very nice but while I’m on a tight budget these will be my go to brushes for the foreseeable future.


If you are after a new set of brushes check them out at