March or War Urban Bases - Review

  • 360 Wargaming

Whether it's a plain base for D&D, an acrylic one to showcase the terrain below or a highly detailed one for display no miniature is complete without a base at it's feet (claws or hooves, we don't judge).

So when March of War offered to send us some of their urban bases we jumped at the chance. These will be going on a squad of Primaris Marines in the near future.

Each base is highly detailed with a range of rubble, pipes, girders and broken concrete. From what we can see on the website they have 37 different bases so the chances are you won't get 2 of the same, unless you buy a lot and even then once you have a model, paint and any other adornments on there you'll never know they're the same.


There are some small imperfections in the bases caused by air bubbles in the resin but this just adds to the damaged appearance and is hardly noticeable at a distance anyway.

This isn't an issue for us, but we spoke to the powers that be at March of War and they've advised that should this occur they will do their best to resolve the issue for you.

Overall the quality and detail is to a high standard and will take any army to the next level. The price isn't too bad either at £8 for 10 plain resin ones or £18 if you want them painted.

Keep an eye out for our How to Paint Urban Bases in the near future that will show you how to get the best from these bases.