Jungle board pt1

  • Tea Boy

Jungle board project part 1


With the Eldar wave serpent done and the Jetbikes nearing completion I have started the foundation work on my next project.


A jungle themed Kill team board.

This will include:

6 scatter terrain pieces

1 or 2 building ruins

1 Imperial guard dug out

1 space marine land speeder crash site


I’ve made a start, cutting out 6 small board bits to house the scatter terrain, these will be mounds with foliage and trees on them line of sight blocking stuff not terrain to move through.


I have a big bag of plastic aquarium plants, 3mm mdf board, sheets of high-density foam, 2 tubs of pound shop filler and will be making my own texture paste with sand PVA glue and brown paint.


I have ordered palm trees of 2 kinds from ebay and I’m thinking about ordering some sang bags and tree stumps but will see if the wave serpent sells at all.



This is the first test piece I’m just laying out the plants to see how much I need to give a good level of cover.

 This will all be painted black then painted to look a little less like plastic and more like mud and plant life


This is going to be the dugout, I’m totally copying an idea from @bearh0use_40k from Instagram. Loved his work and decided I wanted my own version of this.

This image belongs to Bearh0use_40k from instagram. He posts some awesome stuff so you should go and check his account out here

We will see how it goes.

This is how mine stands at the moment.



And here’s the outlines for the Land speeder crash site. Want to build this up on either side to make some climbable terrain and the put a trench through the middle where the speeder crashed.

I think this is going to be the most challenging piece, as I need to make it look like a believable crash site.


I also have the first of the ruins on a board with plants in place holder positions to see how it's going to go.

And finally here are all the scatter pieces together, most are just cut out bits of board with foam stuck to them for now.

This will all be placed on a battle mat that I will be making with a dust sheet and caulking.

I’ll keep you updated as I progress, I'm rather excited about this project. I'm very keen for my catachan to actually have a jungle to fight in.