How I prep my miniatures!

  • Foster

We all have our own ways to prepare our miniatures for painting, this is mine.

I start off like many of you by removing them from their sprues, it's highly likely they'll be going on a resin or 3d printed base so I also remove any tabs.


My next step is to drill and pin one or both feet ready for them to be placed on a cork handle.

Next up is clean up, all mould lines are removed and any gun barrels are also drilled.


Then any arms are attached, if they cover the body they are only held in place with blu-tac. I prefer to paint in sub-assemblies so these will be removed later.

At this point we're ready to start with primer, I have a 3 step process for this.

First off I prime the model black.

Followed by a zenithal highlight of grey, done at a 45 degree angle.


Finally, I complete my priming with a drybrush of white, using only downward strokes to add a higher level highlight.


Ass you can see this picks out any raised sections. Assuming you paint with thin coats or use contrast paint this will give the area a lighter feel making your job easier later on.

As I said this is how I prep my models to paint so it is by no means a flawless method but hopefully it can help some of you out there.