War World Gaming Jungle Warfare Bases painting guide

  • Tea Boy

In this post I’ll show you all about how I‘ve been painting my War World Gaming Jungle bases.

See the Bases review we did Here. War World Gaming Jungle bases review. 

Firstly these are undercoated in Black, any black I used a thinned Abaddon Black
with my airbrushed, but applying with a brush would be fine.


Base coat of Vallejo Dark Fleshtone is added to give it a mud feel.


Details are picked out with Cool Grey 4 by warcolours for the stone and leaves get a coat of Vallejo Uniform green


A good coat of Agrax earthshade brings the colours back done and the stone and

leaves are picked out again with a first round of highlights in their original colours


More detail colours added, spider painted GW Abaddon Black and
Humbrol yellow 99 dots added to make it look a little more detailed.
Mud got a dry brush of the Reaper MSP 09199 Russet Brown


As a side note the Humbrol yellow is amazing it will literally paint over the top of black with great coverage. Well worth getting yourself some.


That finishes of the quick guide of colours used on my Project Catachan

I added a couple of grass tufts to this one. 

All the bases on these Catachan have had the same selection of paints and processes, with different tuffs or plastic aquarium plants added and painted.