War World Gaming Jungle Warfare Bases x 5 

  • Tea Boy

With My Project Catachan well underway I needed some jungle style base that looked really nice for a few of the more important minis I have in the works. So when I found the Jungle Warfare Bases from War World Gaming I decided that these were the ones I needed.

The guys at War World Gaming and War World Scenics make all their own products on site. They have an amazing range of terrain building materials and I recommend that you check them out. I will be placing more orders in the not to distant future.

They arrived in a simple ziplock bag but the simple packaging does not have any bearing on the quality of the actual product.

The bases look amazing the sculpts are really nice and the casts are crisp and clean.  

As with all resin these needed a wash in warm soapy water before painting and I did base coat them in a primer paint, but that's just what I always do with resin.

I've taken pics of 2 sides so you can see the detail.

Now having only ordered 1 set I'm not sure if there is a random selection as these are available as a 10 too or if it is these 5 twice. But I got 2 spider variants 1 snake and 1 skull, 2 of these have flat surface sections which I imagined would be water so that's how I painted them, there are also roots and leaves as you can see. 

WW Scenics also run a YouTube channel which is a bit of fun to watch and has some great tutorial content.

They can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

All in all I can highly recommend the bases from War World Gaming.

See you soon for the next 360wargaming review.